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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Publisher in the Soup

     Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle was taught by his grandfather, E.E. Hinkle, to be generous, especially to those in need, but to be discreet. This is easier said than done sometimes. Whenever he helped with the food drive at DWU, he always made sure to make donations when nobody was looking. 
     As it happens, the Methodist church here in Mitchell was collecting cans of soup to but in the food baskets that the Salvation Army food pantry gives to those in need. Jerry has done this before, but when his father found the receipt from the supermarket, he saw that Jerry bought name brand soup and really read him the riot act. This year, he bought generic, slipping in name brands if they were on sale (a trick Jerry learned from his mother). 
     Trouble was he spent the same amount as last year, but bought twice as much soup as last year as well. Jerry was concerned that someone would catch him before he dumped the soup at the collection point. After losing a fair amount of sleep figuring out how to keep it anonymous, he realized that he might be able to find strangers to help him make delivery. Then he slept peacefully, until 9 am. Since the downtown church started at 8:30 he would have to take the soup to the Fusion service.
     Jerry made it to the Sherman Center early enough to scout the collection point. Turns out those making donations were to take them to the alter. In front of everyone else. When the time came, that's what Jerry did. Luckily the service was not well lit so nobody noticed it took 2 trips for him to leave his donation. Lesson learned? It sure takes a lot of effort to smuggle soup into the food pantry. Hopefully the needy are thankful for the effort that some go through.
     Obviously by printing this article all of you Readers will know the secret now, so all of us here at the Holabird Advocate challenge all of you out there to be just as generous toward the food pantry in your area as our Publisher was to his. And to make it interesting, try not to get caught!

FB Game Review by Jerry Hinkle

Since I don't watch TV, most of the time I'm not working at either this job or my paying job is spent at either YouTube or at various Facebook games. This time around I thought I'd talk about "Journey of Jesus: the Calling". As FB games go, it's pretty harmless. The part I like the most is there is no mob to join. The player is rewarded for quests as he or she goes along.
     The game starts out in the player's New Testament era hometown, where they need fist and must go to Galilee. Guess who you meet there! The quests are fun, but challenging. For example Jesus needs you to fetch water so he can turn it into wine. 
The down side is that one has to be careful not to run out of energy.
     Gold can be converted into nearly any resource needed to complete a quest, but it comes at a price, a real life credit card, and available credit. This reviewer prefers to wait for the energy recharge rather than spent hard earned money. The waiting is part of the fun. sometimes I leave the game altogether and wait do something else while recharging.  
I recommend this game to anyone from 13-113. It can be frustrating, and it also help to have a lot of friends to beg for help, like any other FB game. I've never heard any complaints about this game, so if you try it out and find something you don't like other than what I've told you, be the first to complain to me about it.

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