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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Larry Hagman, TV's "JR Ewing" Dies in Dallas

Larry Hagman, who played the conniving and mischievous JR Ewing on the TV show "Dallas", died Friday afternoon at Medical City in Dallas at age 81. The official cause is complications from his battle with cancer.
     All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are going to miss both Hagman and JR if there is a 3rd season of the Dallas reboot. We are under the impression that season 2 is already in the can! For many people Hagman and the man they loved to hate who he brought to life was "Dallas". It is so fitting that he died in that great city. It was hard to tell where Hagman left and JR started. The character had his own beer, and even his own money.  You can bet those $100 bills are worth a lot more now! Life, as well as the show will be different. We will miss JR and the actor that brought him to life, but we will also be greatful for the many hours we spent on Friday night wondering what the old boy would be up to next.
     In addition to Maj, his wife of almost 60 years, Hagman is survived by a daughter, Kristina ; a son, Preston ; and five granddaughters. we share your grief at this time.

Quick Thanksgiving Vacation for Publisher

     Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle has been working so much that it leaves room for little else. Despite that, he did make it out to the Ponderosa for a little while. Doug and Cade Hinkle were already there getting a taste of country life. Cade managed to shoot another doe on Thanksgiving morning. Doug and Grandpa, Harold Hinkle, are still working on processing the last deer that Cade shot. Harold fried up some of the deer sausage for morning vittles, and it was very good!
     Jerry took a little walk through E.E. Hinkle's old house. He was a mite curious to see how the house took to all the "improvements" that Harold and Mary Hinkle have been making to it. the house still has that "lived in' feel to it. The new toilet works fine. the best part was seeing all the measurements on the wall. It's been a spell since any of the grand kids was measured. Conner Hinkle hasn't been measured at all it don't look like.
Jerry left after dinner with some of the leftovers. For some reason after eating 5 lbs. of turkey, a peck of potatoes, a pint of gravy and a little bit of dressing, he wasn't really hungry until breakfast time the next day.
     By the way, all of us want to salute the newly married Erin Powell, who together with her husband Dan Powell hosted their first Thanksgiving dinner. We've heard no complaints so it must have been a success. Any family get-together when you don't have to call the police, an ambulance, or Dr. Phil is a good one.

Growing Love by Jerry Hinkle

Some time ago, I was asked once how my grandparents, E.E. and Bergit Hinkle, managed 64 years of marriage. I believe that part of it was working. They were too busy working and sacrificing to run around on each other. no time to hang out at the bar, because the cows needed milking, eggs needed to be gathered, and sheep needed to be fed. On top of that the kids needed things as well: clothes, shoes, guidance. No time to be selfish.
A young lady named Rose who supposedly lives in Ghana has been after me via e-mail for some strange reason. Constantly wondering about love and romance. She seems to be in a hurry. But it takes 90 days under ideal conditions to grow a field of corn, and love is even more delicate. as she shares bits and pieces of her life with me, how her mother is sick in the hospital, how she has to help raising her brother, how she can't keep a job because the boss always wants her to sleep with him, I have to wonder why she's looking for love and romance at all. Sometimes I wonder if she is scamming me, but a con artist would be better at that sort of thing. She keeps asking me for my phone number too. She is amusing though! If she is for real, I hope things work out for her somehow.

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