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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Holabird Advocate Celebrates Veterans

     All of us here at the Holabird Advocate took a tip from the state of South Dakota and were closed for more that one day! Nobody complained that we were away, but now we're back, so let the complaints begin!

McGovern Conference Carries On

Our Publisher, being a proud son of Wesleyan, took in some of the annual McGovern Conference on Monday. Senator McGovern himself selected this years theme, which was "Moving Beyond Political Polarization" before his death.  Dr. Sean J. Flynn of the DWU History Department gave a short presentation on George Washington's Farewell Address and how it was related to the topic. There was also a session that touched on the media's role in politics. Because of his death, Senator McGovern was unable to give his usual closing remarks, so a moment of silence in his honor was observed instead. His absence was keenly felt.

Love Story by Jerry Hinkle

     There is an old joke that goes "50% of all marriages end in divorce, not bad  when you consider how the other 50% end up". For some reason those words came to mind when, last weekend, I found out that a friend of mine had died.
     Jon was a young man, just 2 days past 41st birthday when he died. he left behind a wife and 2 kids who will miss him I'm quite sure. People die every day, but when it's someone who had a wonderful life ahead of them like Jon did it is especially sad. It's so unfair, so tragic. It is a painful reminder that Jon did not truly belong to us, but to God.
And yet I was reminded that while their marriage is over because of his death, the love is still there. Their love story has not ended. That is because God is Love. Every year on Facebook I mark my grandparent's wedding anniversary. Their marriage ended when my Grandma died nearly 18 years ago, but their love never did. It lives on in the hearts of their children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors and everyone else that their love touched since they got hitched 81 years ago. It's the same with Jon and his wife. we who knew Jon can be sad that his life is over, but I choose to be glad that his life happened. I hope all of you readers will keep Jon and his family in your hearts and in your prayers. God be with you and do the best you can!

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