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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Athena on the Way!

Today in Kornfield County the weatherman tells us it will get up to 58 degrees. Tomorrow we may see a high of 29 degrees, all due to the winter storm that the Weather Channel is calling Athena. We are told to expect an inch of snow in this area, the Black Hills may get as much as 3 inches. if you are in the path of Athena, please take all proper cautionary measures! 

Less Bite for Mary Hinkle

Harold Hinkle reports that his wife Mary has to go to the dentist to get a tooth pulled. This bewildered all of us here at the Holabird Advocate, since Jerry Hinkle used to tell us stories of how his mother used to take her man-made teeth out at the dinner table and play with them after every meal. from what we see it didn't kill his appetite.

Are We Ready For a New State?

Recently the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico held a vote to see if they wanted to retain their Status as a commonweath, be an independent country, or be admitted to the Union as our 51st state. Usually when the people of that island do that, the vote is to remain a commonwealth, but time there seems to be a movement toward statehood. If they are ready to do so, then the question is are the other 50 state ready for this. There hasn't been a state admitted to the union since 1959. In fact this 53 year period is the longest the Union has gone without admitting a state. If this state is admitted, it will mean the nonvoting delegate will be replaced by 2 Senators and possibly as many as 8 members of the House of Represntatives giving them 10 votes in the Electoral College. This issue will be brought before Congress soon. Let us know your thoughts!

If you were in Congress How would you vote on Puerto Rican statehood?

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I'd support statehood for Puerto Rico. The people there are already citizens and serve in the military. I say welcome to the family, we've been waiting for you.

Nick Nemec
This is the first time since we took-I mean freed-them from Spain that they've been interested in statehood!
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