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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Cade Hinkle Bags 1st Deer

     In South Dakota there are many rites of passage. Killing your first deer is one such rite. Our Publisher killed his first deer with a car at age 24. His nephew Cade actually shot one (legally we hope) at age 10. As one can clearly see by the photo supplied by his grandmother, Mary Hinkle. This dry doe is nearly twice his size with the weapon draped across his prey the great equalizer in this story. When one figures the cost of the license, and the processing, it may have been cheaper to go to Cabela's and buy some jerky, but then we would not have this wonderful story of a boy and his deer!

Hinkle Waits for Dinner

     One thing that country boys like Jerry Hinkle just doesn't seem to be able to get used to is the notion of Dinner as the evening vittles, but when in the big city you gotta do as the big citizens do! Namely have lunch at noon and have dinner closer to the evening. In this case 5 pm! The destination? St. Mary's Episcopal here in beautiful downtown Mitchell and the Turkey dinner therin!

When to Vote? That is the Question!

     All of us here have been pondering if we should see if tomorrow is too late to vote early in this election. At the time, we were under the assumption that the polling place for the Home office was going to be the Kornfield County Fairgrounds just outside of town, which is a heck of a drive. Last night we got a piece of mail telling us that our polling place was the Corn Palace, which is actually closer than the Kornfield County Courthouse is in the first place. Feel free to weigh in by email: publisher@gmail.com

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