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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Holabird Advocate Back on Web

     It's been almost 4 years since all of us here at the Holabird Advocate gave you, the Reader, all the news we see fit to print. Much has changed, and some things haven't. We've been doing some experimenting  to see where we can improve and freshen up the old Newsblog. Having you back here with us is the best change of all! As before, we'll depend on you to let us know how we are doing! You've already seen that the Pollmaster General is working!

McGovern Comes to Brown Bag

     Matt McGovern, candidate for PUC was the featured speaker at the brown bag at Java city yesterday. He spoke briefly about his background as one of Senator George McGovern's grandchildren, his career as a lawyer, his vision as to what Public Utility Commissioner should be. Mr. McGovern actually knew where Holabird is, so we know he's got something on the ball!  

   Hurricane Sandy Blows

by Jerry Hinkle 

Holabird Advocate Publisher

          I was actually hoping to put off editorials for a while, but the weather out east kinda changed my plans. Like a lot of others, I was shocked at the level of devastation and destruction caused by what some called Frankenstorm. The videos and photos really show what earthly nature is capable of when unleashed. But I also noticed something else. 
     At last report, only 55 people have died because of this storm. This is thanks in part to the technology that has been made available to us through the grace of God to stack the progress of a hurricane and give those effected ample warning. Among those who were saved include some of my relatives from Woodbury, CT! They evacuated in time, staying safe and dry until Sandy was through with their area.
     The technology that we have today is so awesome. Even just 50-100 years ago, the best way to see how a storm was progressing was to look out a window. Now we have satellites in space, live Doppler radar and other things that I don't even know about. And it was all placed there by our Father in Heaven! I just wonder if we as humans truly comprehend how miraculous the whole thing is.

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