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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

America Votes

by Jerry Hinkle Holabird Advocate Publisher

     Today is election day, the day that sets democracy apart from every other system of government. Every 4 years, almost always without fail, this country elects, and sometimes re-elects someone to govern as President of these United States. There is usually a wrinkle or two in the process, but it all works out eventually.  We haven't had an election go to Congress since 1824, nor to the Supreme Court since 2000.

     Be that as it may, you have my fearless prediction here: Either Obama or Romney will be the declared winner by 9:30 pm Holabird time tonight! Look for Ohio and Florida to be the huge decider in this cycle. Either way, I won't be leaving this country for Canada based on who is elected President. If any of you want do, please do and the sooner the better. This country survived 8 years of Clinton and 8 Years of Bush, and it's still the best nation in the world! If you disagree find one better and move there ASAP!

     Closer to home, however, there are a few things that I can predict. Romney will carry SD and the 3 electoral votes it contains will be his. Democrats have carried South Dakota, but it hasn't happened in my lifetime. If I'm wrong I will eat vegetables!  Also I'm hoping that my good friend and Wesleyan Brother, Kyle Schoenfish is elected Representative from his home in District 19.  I got $40 riding on that! And even though I never sent him any money, I hope that you'll vote for Nick Nemec in the 4 year PUC race. He didn't get the benefit of a fine DWU education, but his time in the USMC has given him the drive to fight for right and freedom, so keep your honor clean by voting him in. I'm not going to hold my breath on that because I know that many people won't vote for him just because he's a Democrat. It would be a shame if that was your only criteria!

     Since, as my dad reminds me, it is a secret ballot I won't tell you how I voted. Grandad was looking over my shoulder, as I did, so y'all can probably guess how I voted from that! I'll be watching the returns tonight to see how it went, and hopefully be in bed by midnight. Until next time, god be with you and do the best you can!    

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