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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

America Voted

by Jerry Hinkle

     Election 2012 is in the can, as we say back in Holabird. I can't say that too much of what I saw on election night surprised me. All the people I thought would win their respective elections in South Dakota did so. I didn't know which ballot initiatives would stick, but a couple of them did pass, which shows that we are not resistant to all change, so that's good!

     I thought both Obama and Romeny were super classy in their gracious respective displays of victory and defeat. It would be nice if some of their respective supporters could be as gracious and super classy, but that will take time. Those who have seen some of my postings on Facebook may be surprised to read this, but what I do on there is just for my own entertainment. I love yanking liberal chains when I can! I've tried to pick fights with conservatives, but they always get me with well reasoned and insightful arguments. I hate that! One of my liberal friends woke her son in the middle of the night to tell him that Big Bird was safe from the big bad Romney. PLEASE!

Closer to home, it was pretty much Republican victory all the way round. Holabird's Nick Nemec did not make it to the PUC. But as Grandad would say, all he lost was an election. He still has his wife, kids, and he still has the best job of all, feeding a hungry world! I sort of expected that, but Matt McGovern's defeat took me by surprise a little, if only because the main thing against him was his last name. Yesterday, when I was a guest at "100 Eyes on South Dakota Politics" I wondered out loud if I should change my name to McGovern. I see now that the name has a curse to go along with the blessing. It's all I can do to live up to my own grandfather's last name, let alone Matt's. One thing is for sure, the McGovern name can open a lot of doors, but if you don't have something to back it up, you'll get shown the door. From what I've seen, Matt has that something, and I hope it's put to good use!

In closing I'd like to publicly offer congrats to my Wesleyan brother, Kyle Schoenfish, and his fellow District 19 Representative, Stace Nelson. Both of these great gentlemen, who ran as Republicans have been blistered in the past for not always following their part line. They are called extremists. To me a better term is maverick, and there's nothing wrong with that. If I were a Marine, I'd say "Semper Fi" But since I'm just a Publisher, I'll simply say, "God be with you and do the best you can!"

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