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Saturday, October 20, 2012
     It's been quite a week! I've been busy with work, and I've discovered a new game on Facebook called Journey of Jesus: the Calling, which I'll write more some other time. Right now the thing weighing heaviest on my mind is Senator McGovern.
     I'm sure all who care to know have already heard that he is under hospice care and not responsive. My heart goes out to the Senator's family, because my own faced this same issue when Grandad was approaching the winter season of his life. We all knew the end was near, and that short of a miracle, nothing would get him out of what was to be his death bed. those last three weeks were awful for him. There were times I wondered if I should be fighting to keep him home instead of sticking him in a nursing home. The fact is we all did what we thought was right, and looking back I can honestly say we did everything that a nursing home could do.
     As for the Senator, when his end comes, there will be much attention paid to it. People who never said a nice word about him will be going out of their way to say the nicest thing possible. Every newspaper in the state, the dailies anyway, will prints hundreds of words about his life, legend, and legacy. It doesn't seem fair that he should miss all of that.
     If any of his family members should catch this article before, during, or after the end of the Senator's time on Earth comes, I have a few things to say. First I've been there too! I know how it is. You are going to be fine, and in a way so is he. Secondly, thank you for sharing such a great man with the rest of the world. I know it had to be difficult at times, and your sacrifice was very much appreciated by many, including myself. Lastly, when it comes down to it, only one of all of humanity could do what he did and be who he was. He blessed and was blessed in return
     For the rest of us, I'd ask that we keep praying that God delivers Senator George Stanley McGovern from all sickness and pain in the way He sees fit, and that He sends someone to continue the work that the Senator started until it is no longer necessary. God be with you and do the best you can!

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