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Saturday, October 13, 2012
     Last night I went through a sobriety checkpoint here in the big city! I've lived here for more than 5 years, and this was only the second time I've had to do that. Both times, I was getting off work. They never do that in the daytime! I suppose drunks are easier to spot, so no checkpoint is needed.
     The checkpoint was under the bridge on Burr, which makes sense, I guess, but when I saw the flashing lights of the patrol car, the fist thing I thought that there was an accident. I slowed down looking for a place to turn, but before I did, I saw the sign that said "Sobriety Check point ahead ", I knew that if i had made a turn, it would look suspicious, and besides I was totes sober, right!  I continued until directed to stop. The officer told me what I already knew, and asked if I had anything to drink tonight. I said, Just a frappe, at which point he let me know that he was done.
     Before work i went to the coffee shop, as it happens America was there. She remembered that I ordered a frappe on Monday, and asked if that's I would like. Naturally I was impressed. America is really a super lady, very nice and friendly, good at her job, and pretty darn cute. She's almost perfect in fact. That could be because I've only spent a few minutes with her on 2 different days. If she lived with me I'd see the real side of her. This way is MUCH better. She never interrupts me while I'm watching TV, or asks about my feelings-none of that crap. So why spoil a perfectly good relationship by getting to know each other better?  

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