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Monday, October 22, 2012
     Ever since I heard the news that Senator McGovern passed from the Earth, I have wondered how he'll be remembered. I hope that future DWU students will know that he was more than just a name on the Library building. His life had value to all who knew him, and many who never got the change to know him. Toward the end of his career in public life, the Senator wondered "if the game was worth the candle". I hope that as he approached the end, he discovered that is was!
     George Stanley McGovern grew up poor. He said so himself. He worked at various jobs around Mitchell ever since he was 14. He literally worked his way through college at DWU, even though being the son of a Methodist minister may have helped him a little. Those of his generation were usually denied a college education because they couldn't afford that luxury. Those of us who availed ourselves of the wonder known as financial aid have him to thank in part. In fact when people say that "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer" they need correction. Those growing up today aren't nearly as poor as the McGovern family and those like them back in the 20's and 30's!
     When Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese, McGovern and other like minded men joined the Army Air Corps. Historian Thomas Knock made the claim that he had the best combat record of any candidate for office of President of the United States. It may be looked upon as ironic that such a war hero would be such an advocate of peace. I'm inclined to believe that because he saw the horrors of war firsthand; the death, disease and famine, it made him want to avoid them if at all possible.
     When he entered political life, he nearly became a real life Jefferson Smith, a fighter of lost causes. In the movie, Mr. Smith goes to Washington, Jeff relates that his father, Clayton Smith, always told him the one fights for lost causes, and sometimes die for them, because they are the only causes worth fighting for. Like Jeff Smith in that movie, Senator McGovern had plenty of Taylors and Paines that went up against him, but he never gave up the fight for peace and an end to hunger. Even after his term in the Senate was over, McGovern still fought for those lost causes as an Ambassador, and even after that, giving his last full measure of devotion.
     Now that his work on Earth is done, I wonder if there is anyone willing to take up the fight, because even though his work is done, there is still a great big job to do! His passing has left a vacancy for anyone willing to put forth the effort! I hope they show up soon! God be with you and do the best you can!

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