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Thursday, October 11, 2012
     I am glad I had the chance to go to what I called Coffee Shop Communion. It was very nice to be part of a small group discussion. It's not easy for me to do that because I have a balance problem. By that I mean I tend to either talk too much or too little. People like to hear what I have to say, because they have been given the impression that I'm rather intelligent, so I must be careful in what I say. The best way to fake intelligence is verbal economy. Faking stupidity is easy for me! All I have to do is open my mouth, and just keep talking!
     Of course the question of when to talk or not to talk is only a minor concern compared to when to listen. The right answer? ALWAYS!  It's also very rude it interrupt someone when they are talking. My course of action? The knowing and understanding nod. The best time to say anything for me is usually to answer a question, but even then it's tricky. When someone asks me a yes or no question and I give a 45 second reply in which neither yes nor no is present really confirms to the questioner that I may not be as intelligent as he or she though!
     Those who have read this so far have noticed that I haven't actually mentioned what was discussed at the meeting. That's because I forgot most of it. What I do remember will be revealed here when it becomes relevant to me as the Publisher and you as the reader. Until then, God be with you and do the best you can!

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