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Thursday, September 27, 2012
     Ever since the media got hold of this story about the girl in Michigan who was reportedly elected to her homecoming court as a prank, I have been bewildered. I feel that they just may have blown the story  way out of proportion. 
     Being elected homecoming royalty is not a prank! Being thrown into a shower while you're fully clothed is a prank. Having your head held into a toilet bowl while somebody else flushes is a prank. Getting your underwear pulled up into your nether regions is a prank. I could go on, but the point is the media is making this girl into a charity case when it's not really all that necessary. 
     I could be wrong, as I'm looking at these event from a male perspective. It could be that for a young girl, getting elected to the homecoming court is not the honor it used to be in my youth. In which case I should apologize to all the homecoming queens I voted for back then.
     For whatever reason the community in which she lives as rallied around her. But by that same respect, would they give dry clothes to the kid who was given a fully clothed shower? If a girl is given what we in my day called "the royal flush" would the beauty shop fix her hair for free. And to be quite honest, I'm not sure how you can rally around someone who gets a wedgie.
     This girl, as far as I can see, is making a mockery out of the real bullying that is going on in the world. She needs to grow up and realize that as bad as her situation supposedly is, it could be worse! Truth be told I hope things work out for her, but I don't see that happening if a little thing like being elected to the homecoming court is going to make her want to kill herself! Shame on the media for allowing her to waste our time!

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