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Sunday, September 16, 2012
     The contest between Noem and Varilek for the lone House seat in South Dakota has taken a rather silly turn. I must admit that I am a little late in reporting this, but I just heard that both the Republican and Democratic candidate have both claimed that they have picked rock on a farm, and that such activity is a reason why they should get our vote.
     Picking rock is a popular past time in rural South Dakota. By popular, I don't mean that a lot of people like it, but rather that a lot of people do it, sometimes by hand. I myself did that a lot as one of the activities of my misspent youth. I did more of that than both of my brothers combined because one or the other of them got to drive the tractor. I seldom did that because I had trouble operating the hydraulics and steering at the same time.
     As campaign issues go, I hope this one fades away. If these two do another debate one will try to convince us that they picked more rocks than their opponent. To which the other will reply that they picked bigger rocks, or that they picked rocks more often, and on and on it goes.
     If this issue doesn't go away, I may have to run for House in 2014, because I'll bet I picked more and bigger rock in my day than either of those kids! Maybe the candidates could win over undecided farmers by picking rock for them before the election. Anyone watching TV or listening on radio already know that they are good at pitching crap, which is another time honored rural South Dakota past time!  Can't wait for this election to be OVER!

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