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Sunday, August 12, 2012
     It is still hard to believe that 37 people visited this site in one day. While not a record, it has been a while. Not much is going on, so as I tried to think about what to write on my self imposed deadline, I figured the best thing to write about is myself. Longtime Readers will not be shocked by that revelation!
     In order to inform new Readers, and remind the rest, I am a bit of a maverick. I will wear a label, but I don't like to be grouped in with a lot of other people. I like to be an individual. I like to zig while everyone else zags.
     This is not as easy as one may think. Take politics. Now, anyone who takes the time and expense in going to the Kornfield County courthouse will see that I'm registered Democrat. It would be easy to label me as such, and yet I hold some beliefs that are not part of the modern perception of the modern Democrat. I do agree with some of them, but most people from talking to me assume I'm Republican because I'm a pro-life, born again Spirit filled Bible believing Christian. I suppose I could pass for one, as my core convictions lean toward the right. Still, I was born and raised in the Democratic tradition of my Grandfather, and I hope that the party will return to those traditions again, and soon. Some of my Republican friends are former Democrats who left the party because, as they say, "The party left me first." If anything, I'm politically agnostic, as I don't really believe either party can really save this country. If indeed America can be saved, it will take a real bipartisan effort.
     Enough politics, let's take religion. I am a member of the Methodist church in Highmore, SD, yet I live in Mitchell. I'm an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. For those who dislike organized religion, ULC is the church for you! I have no beef with any church or religion that is not my own. I know what I believe, and see no reason to change. I see no reason for anyone else to change, unless their religion, or lack thereof is not connecting them with their god or their neighbor. That is the function of any true religion. Back when I was living at the Ponderosa, my family home, I watched Bishop Fulton Sheen on EWTN. I'm quite sure God spoke through him back when those programs were being filmed and he is still speaking through Bishop Sheen, even though he no longer walks the earth. Technology really is something, eh?
     Well, now you know a little bit about me! Tell me about you! Get your own blog and tell everyone about you. If you feel that you want to tell me how wonderful I am, or even if you want to tell me to drop dead, write to me at publisher@gmail.com and maybe I'll be back tomorrow! Until then, God be with you and do the best you can!

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