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Monday, August 20, 2012
     I got a rather interesting piece of forwarded e-mail yesterday. If this is legitimate, and it appears to be, the debate at Dakotafest could be interesting. As it happens, I have a prior commitment at the time of the debate, so if anyone of you 8 Readers can cover it for me, please do. I will pay for your ticket and if you provide a proper receipt, I may pay for your lunch as well. But first read the enclosed e-mail, and I'll have more to say:

"As you may have heard, Kristi Noem is refusing to debate Matt at the State Fair.
It's unfortunate Kristi has decided to turn her back on a long held tradition in South Dakota. But one debate she did agree to is coming up this Wednesday in Mitchell.
On Wednesday, August 22nd, Matt and Kristi will debate from 2:00-3:00 pm at Dakotafest.
In an effort to counteract the criticism Kristi has received due to her inaction on the farm bill, her absence on the Ag Committee, and her refusal to debate at the State Fair, the Noem campaign is PAYING to bus in supporters from Sioux Falls. (They also get a free lunch and t-shirt.)
We can't let the Noem campaign get away with stacking the audience.
Show your support for Matt and join us in Mitchell on Wednesday afternoon. And if you can't make it, show your support by making an online contribution. Every type of contribution makes a real difference in this race.
I hope to see you in Mitchell on the 22nd!
Thanks for all that you do,
David Benson
Campaign Manager
Matt for SD
P.S. I'm sorry we can't afford to bus in supporters with an offer of a free lunch and t-shirt. But I can promise you one thing: Matt will hold Kristi accountable for not standing up for South Dakota farmers and ranchers. Please help cheer on Matt in Mitchell on the 22nd.
P.P.S. While you're in town, make sure to visit the Prehistoric Indian Village---one of my favorite places in the state."

     If Mr. Benson wants to increase the attendence at Dakotafest, he sure is going about it the right way. However, I find it hard to believe that Rep. Noem could bus in supporters from Sioux Falls for Dakotafest, and then not do it for the State Fair. Even if she is, there is nothing wrong with doing that!
     If I do find someone to cover this event, I hope they take plenty of pictures, just so we can see how many Noem T-shirt, if any were given away!

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