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Monday, August 13, 2012
     As anyone who knew me growing up can testify, I loved to watch "Dallas" when I was growing up! I hated to miss a single episode, and this was before the advent of DVR, and even before VCR came along.
     Dallas had 13 seasons until it was ended in 1991. When I heard last year that after 20 years, Bobby, JR, and Sue Ellen were coming back, I was a tad excited. I don't have Cable, but I found a way to watch it online, not that TNT was any help. I must say that the 21 year wait for season 14 brought with it a bag of mixed blessings
     As much as I loved Dallas back in the 80's, I'm only just liking it here in 2012. It's a sad reminder that a lot of time has passed. The Ewing Family has changed. Some old friends have died, Those that are still alive are noticeably older, kids have grown up, and Bobby has a new wife (more about her later). It was almost a sort of depressing letdown.
     What really disappointed me was the complete lack of regard for the history of the show. All this talk of Miss Ellie's will leaving the ranch to Bobby (She gave him clear title while she was still alive), Jock giving the mineral rights to their 3 sons (They weren't his to give), and the part about Miss Ellie being in a sanatarium after Jock died (Did I miss that episode?) really upset me. As good as the writing is, it behooved the present writers to watch the other 13 seasons of shows at least one time through to get a feel for what might have happened in the 21 years since this show was gone.
     Still, it is great to see Ol' JR wheeling and dealing, and it's even nice to get to know the next generation. TNT has shown the audience some things that CBS would never have done. The profanity and the amount of skin kind of made me glad I wasn't watching this with my Grandma.
     Which brings me to another point. The Hinkle family, much like the Ewing family, has changed in the last couple of decades. My brothers and cousins have all grown up (But I haven't yet, thank God) and they are having families of their own. It may be sad to see that JR, Bobby and Sue Ellen with a little grey in their hair, but I've been greying up a little myself. It happens! Even though it's all made up, the fact that season 14 is not like the old show is a good thing. We've all changed, for better or worse.
     As I mentioned previously, I didn't take to Bobby's wife, Ann, right away. Episode 10, where she helped out Sue Ellen in a most unorthodox way (watch it if you haven't already) showed me that she deserved the Ewing name. 
     Season 15 begins in January of TNT. If I can, I'll be watching it somehow. But unlike when I was growing up, I won't let it interfere with the business of living life. It'll be more like visiting some old friends and catching up. 

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