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Wednesday, August 29, 2012
     Rather than write about one topic, I thought I'd write a little bit on different things. There is so much going on with me that It's hard to be focused.
     Dakotafest was well attended, and so was Corn Palace Days. I enjoyed all matter of free entertainment. I really liked the free concert that the Corn Palace hosted featuring  Power Play, a cover band from Sioux Falls. Usually with free shows, you get what you pay for, but they were an amazing group. They had the versatility to perform country and rock from the 60's 70's 80's and something called Maroon 5 (which is the one part of the show i didn't warm up to). Still, you gotta give props to any band that can perform "867-5309/Jenny" and "Billie Jean" with the same energy as the originators. The swear I almost saw the lead singer moonwalk. As it turns out, it was better than the Hinder concert.
     At last report, my brother Doug has raised $65 for MDA, which is far short of the $1600 he needs to avoid going to jail or whatever. I'll do my part. If you don't want to keep my brother out of jail, you can still donate to MDA in your own way, if you are so inclined.
     The debate last week was quite lackluster. I wasn't there, but the reports of it were less than enthusiastic. Rep. Noem did well, according to reports, holding her own. Mr. Varilek did well, but some say not quite good enough. Time will tell. The majority of the electorate, the rank and file voters, usually don't get to excited about elections until after Labor Day, if then!
     That's it for now! If anything else happens, I'll be sure to let you know! God be with you and do the best you can! 

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