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Wednesday, August 15, 2012
     I was Shocked to say the least, when I got an e-mail from my little brother, Deputy State Fire Marshal Douglas A. Hinkle, when he asked me for help to get him out of jail. It turns out that he is participating in an MDA fundraiser. Enclosed is an edited portion of the e-mail:

   "Believe it or not, I'm going to jail and I need your help.... While it's not a real jail, it's even more important as I'm raising bail to help children and adults with muscle disease in my community who are supported by the vital work of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). More info at:  http://mda.org/
     "I might not be able to rely on good behavior to get out so that's why I need your help - I need you to donate to my bail! Just click on the link below to make a secure donation  or bring me the funding before I have to report on August 30th.
     "I know that together we'll Make a Muscle and Make a Difference in the fight against muscle disease. If I don’t raise enough funds, they won’t let me out. (Heck they might even take donations to keep me in!) Please spread the word. I’ve heard of prison and it doesn’t sound good."

     When Doug asked me to spread the word, I decided to to go big time!  I won't ask any of you to contribute to this "bailout", but I'm sure all who are so inclined will find that your offer of help won't be turned down. 
     The ironic thing here, is that I didn't think there would be anything to write about today, and literally at the 11th hour (PM. that is) I find something. Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow! Until then, God be with you and do the best you can!

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