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Wednesday, April 18, 2012
     On Monday, I got my new voters registration notice in the mail. With the 2010 Census, some of the political boundaries were redone. For instance, I was in Ward 4 here in Mitchell, but now, according to the notice I am now in Ward 3. The notice also told me that I was in Davison County's District 4.
     Tuesday morning the radio news said that the County Commission was going to meet at 9 am. I thought I'd stop by and see what the hired help was up to. The Commission started the meeting with the Flag Pledge, then got right down to hearing the from the residents, providing they had something to say that wasn't on the posted agenda. The Commissioner from District 2 was noticeably absent, but the rest carried on without him. First up was a woman from Pennsylvania talking about a project to divert water from the Yukon River to the Great Plains. After she was done talking, she left to give the same presentation in Chamberlain. Someone from Mt Vernon letting the Commissioners know that some detours along the Interstate weren't properly posted.Then the Commissioners looked over their bills and heard from the sheriff and a few others. It was kind of interesting for me to see how they do it in the big city. I never got to see my Grandad in action as a County Commissioner, but I imagine it wasn't too much different.
     The Chairman (or Boss as they say down south) of The County Commission, John Claggett, called for recess until 10 am. I could have left, but some of the other spectators gave me the impression that something big was gonna go down, so after I slipped out to visit the restroom I came back and noticed that the number of spectators had gone up considerably. There was a TV camera from KDLT that had also managed to squeeze in there. But to top it all, Frank Kloucek from Scotland, the representative in District 19 showed up big as life. 
     The next session started out easy enough people came in with building permit requests and things of that nature. But the there was a request from Jackrabbit Family Farms to build a facility to hold about 5000 pigs in section 8 of Baker Township, wherever that is. First the Supporters of this facility spoke, then the opposition spoke, then the supporters got a rebuttal. The Commission was pressed for time because the Board of Equalization was scheduled for 1:15. But they allowed for the opposition to rebutt the rebuttal.
     There were a few times that the County Auditor had to leave the room get a legal opinion, and there were several times that something called Parliamentary Procedure was called into the discussion. This not being England, I wondered why that was an issue. Chairman Claggett explained to the crowd that they were governed by Robert's Rules of Order. I don't know who Robert is, but because of the fact that 4 of the Commissioners had to vote to approve of this project, and the previously mentioned absent Commissioner from District 2, the board adjourned having taken no action. They will discus this issue further at 11 am on May 1.
     The Commissioner from my District, Denny Kiner was impressive. If I heard right, he works as a realtor here in the city. He seemed fair, and knew that no matter which way he voted that statistically half of the people in the room were not going to be happy with his vote. As such, he would have to vote in a way that he himself could live with. That is the same criteria that Grandad would have used in that situation. As for whether Grandad would have voted yes or know, I can't say. I hope and pray that Mr. Kiner and the rest of the board make the right decision, even though I'm not even sure what that is myself. We'll all find out in a couple of weeks!

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