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Sunday, March 04, 2012
     Today makes 15 years since I became an Uncle, at least biologically. Brittany Marie Hinkle was born on this day in 1997. The times goes by so quickly, and I remember that day as if it were...(dissolve)
     We were having a rather difficult Winter. Grandad spent the winter down south, and that morning, my aunt and uncle, Mavis and George Kennedy brought him back. They had called from Pierre, so we knew to expect them. Dad ran the snow-blower over the last 2.5 miles of the road back to the Ponderosa. Even under the best conditions, it was hard to get through, but they made it. Darrel and Kristi, Brittany's parents, were in the Hospital in Pierre getting things underway. We knew that Kristi was being induced, but we didn't know how long it was going to take, or at that time, the gender of the child that was to be brought forth. Having George and Mavis there turned out to be a good thing.
     We were all gathered around the phone waiting for word. This was before Internet came to Holabird, so the phone became important to us that evening. We waited for hours, but no word came. People kept calling, wondering if we had heard something, and we told them we hadn't. Grandad got tired of waiting so he went to his house to watch TV or go to bed or something. The calls kept coming, but there were only questions, none with answers. With each passing call, my mother was more nervous with wonder. Darrel tried to call us with the news when he had it, but couldn't get through. He finally called Grandad's house. And when he did, Mavis had to come over to tell us all the good news...(dissolve)
     Brittany was the first biological grandchild for my parents. I guess she still is, but what I mean is, even though they had taken in strangers, Brit was the first grandchild that was theirs from the start. The moment she landed into the doctors hands she was ours, a real Hinkle. I was disappointed that she wasn't a boy, but that didn't matter. the boys came later. Brit has always been very special to me, even though she wasn't a boy. In a way, we grew up together. Eventually I realized that even though I wanted a nephew, God knew at that time that I needed a niece. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't remember that.
     Since then, I've had another niece and 3 nephews. A total of 5 nieces and 3 nephews. Each one is just fine by me. Life, as it does, has shown me that I don't need biological children of my own. Being an uncle has not been so bad. If God has something better for me, we'll see about that. Happy Birthday, Brittany!

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