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Sunday, March 11, 2012
     This is the time of year that we are forced to set our clocks a head and give up an hour of sleep (or whatever other enjoyable activity life offers at the time) simply because the government tells us to. Now this is not a politically based statement, because both major parties seem to support this policy. This not withstanding, I've yet to see that anyone anywhere is saving any daylight.
     Terry Ree, the straight man of the comedy team of Williams and Ree, seems to agree. As he put it, "In the Summer time the days are longer because the some is out longer". Ree also blames the "white people" for "making a new rule", and I agree there. For it is indeed the White European establishment that thought up the concept of taking an hour from the morning and putting it in the afternoon. Nothing is being saved, just moved around.
     For years I've done everything in my power to fight against this oppressive practice of depriving you and me of sleep every spring. It has been for naught, however, as nobody else seems to want to join this fight. And so I'm forced to bow to the will of majority and go along with this foolishness.
     Earlier this week I posted a video about Joseph Kony that was part of a movement to make him famous enough to be hunted down. It took 8 years for him to become this overnight sensation. How long will it take before anyone wants to fight DST?
     In spite of my dislike for this practice, I have found one good thing about it. My coffee buddy, Earl, age 96, likes to go to the Love Feast on Thursday night at the Methodist Church here in Mitchell. Trouble is he can't drive at night so he has to miss out. The extra hour in the afternoon allows him the freedom to drive to the Love Feast and back home. When he told me that this morning, I began to see that there is another side to this issue. We may not be saving any daylight, but the simple act of moving the clock forward an hour helps Earl and people like him take advantage of a wonderful opportunity. I can sleep anytime, but the Love Feast is only available at a certain day and time. The system as it is right now may not be perfect, but it will do until something better comes along, I guess!

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