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Monday, March 19, 2012
     The latest ratings have come in and the 6 people who have made up the daily audience for this website have been joined by 2 others for a total of 8. It's nice to know that whatever I write here is read by somebody. As for whether you enjoy what you read, well, if you come back for more everyday, I guess you do.
     As I look back on the 10 years that have passed since I started blogging, I've seen many changes in myself and others. I saw this blogging trend start, then I saw it rise. Now it appears the trend has fallen, Yet the 8 of you still feel that blogging in general, and this on in particular has something to offer. Even though social media has taken over the Internet, blogs such as this one keep the tradition alive.
     As tempting as it is to shut this website down, I've never been able to bring myself to do it. The Holabird Advocate/Jerry Hinkle Program is to me a living museum. I almost didn't start this website, because I thought that, since I am no longer 25, I had nothing important to say. These last 10 years of shown me that we all have something important to say, regardless of age.
     There are a lot of people over the age of 25 out here on the world wide web. They've taken their place in Facebook,Twitter and any other social network on which they care to point and click. But for me, this is where it all started. As long as there is at least 1 Reader, it's my sworn duty to keep writing whenever possible. I write for you, just as you read for me.
     Who knows but that some of those kids of 25 and under might get curious about what we are up to and start reading these posts of more than 140 characters. Even if they never come back, I'm glad to know you're here, even if we never meet in person!

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