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Monday, March 12, 2012
     All the flap over the R rating of "Bully" is getting old. If there ever was a movie that children under 17 should see with their parent, this is it! Yes, the language is salty, and so, might I add, is the subject matter. That is irrelevant! Parents need to talk about this issue with their kids! I say this, not a a parent, as I'm not one, but as a former child, which we all were.
     All of us at one time were either bullied or we were bullies. Some of us became both during the process of growing up. Some of us overcame our experience with bullying and became stronger people who can handle themselves. Then there are those who still carry the scars, either visible or invisible, of their experience. A lot of this hits home with me!
     The word "bully" brings to mind Butch from "The Little Rascals". The tough guy who got his way through brute strength fear and intimidation. The art of bullying, if you could call it that has changed through the years. These days, people can bully others online. And the emotional impact of this abuse can cause some to decide to try suicide.
     Throughout the country, there has been a call for anti-bullying legislation at both the state and federal level, but this isn't a political issue. It is a human nature issue. We as humans are selfish by nature, and no law will change that. It won't work because it's hard to draw the line. Parents need to step up and teach their children that they need to respect others, and how to handle things when others don't respect them back. Victims of bullying need to either leave the situation or learn how to cope. Suicide is obviously not the answer, the answer is talk to someone, anyone. Like most abuse, bullying thrives when it's hidden. The more light that is shone on it, the better.
     The worst thing about bullying is that sometimes it continues into adulthood. Some bullies go professional and become muggers or armed thugs. They may get organized and team up with each other. Then up goes the crime rate!
     I don't see an actual solution to this issue. As long as there is human nature, bullying will follow. We as a society may be able to manage it, but it will never go away completely.

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