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Monday, February 13, 2012
     I see in the latest ratings that only 4 people are reading the website. To all 4 of you, I say "Thank you very much"! It is time I rewarded you with a new episode! So here it is
     To start out, South Dakota's flag is not changing, for now. I thought that with 80 legislators behind it, the old flag's doom as fated. The State Affairs committee killed the new flag proposal last week. For me it is a bittersweet victory. As much as I love out current flag, I hated to see all the grief that it caused. Some people went so far as to call it Satanic. Others called for a boycott of South Dakota Magazine.I must admit that I may have been a little overzealous. But I could never go that far. Then again unless you 4 people who read what I wrote were on the State Affairs committee, I really had nothing to do with it anyhow. While gathering a consensus on the issue, some told me that a new flag may be in order, but the familiar yellow sun on blue background should be retained in any future design. I have also noticed that whenever the flag is displayed, the words on it are hard to read. This issue may be gone for now, but I'll bet it's coming back!
     Yesterday, I found out that my brother, Doug Hinkle, was appointed Deputy State Fire Marshall, effective March 1. I have no idea what the scope of his responsibilities are, but I know that he will execute those duties with all that he has, because that's the way my brothers were raised. I'm sure he will do the job with all due honesty. He'd better, or I'll make him change his last name!
     Along with the rest of the world, I also found out over the weekend that Whitney Houston died. As of this writing, the exact cause of death is unknown, but they has been much speculation that it was drug related. even if this is reported not to be the case it will not stop that same speculation. I was never quite a fan of Houston or her music, but one can't deny she had a following. I'd go so far as to say she had more talent than a lot of the so called "stars" of the present day, non of which are worthy of mention on the same page as her. Ms. Houston had 7 hit singles on her debut album. this was back when to get her music, one had to physically go to the record store and buy it. To make that kind of effort an artist had to be worth it. Some people must have thought she was! How many of today's "artists" are worth more than point and double click?
     Of course, as with any death, people have to make it about them. I've read tributes about what she meant to them, and the void that has been created in their life now that she is gone, never mind that none of these people gave her a second thought for years before she passed. As for me I enjoyed her insanity. Sad to say, but I did. I loved when she angered people by saying she was "Bigger than the Beatles" or when she threw a fit when Dolly Pardon sang "her song" from "the Bodyguard", or when she went to Israel and declared "This is MY land! This is my LAND".
     But now she is gone. The tributes flow, as do the jokes at her expense. She leaves behind a daughter, and a mother who will miss her, and they really will miss her. In a few weeks time, someone else will die and the cycle will start all over. But for Bobbi and Cissy, this loss is gonna stick. They are the ones I feel bad for. I pray God is with them long after the rest of the world forgets!

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