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Wednesday, January 25, 2012
     To begin with all of us at the Milk Party applaud the progressive recovery that is underway with Arizona Representative Gabby Giffords. she is an inspiration to all Americans regardless of their political bent! We still see no reason to have the phony show of bipartisanship, with Democrats and Republicans intermingled in the House chamber. We'd rather see some genuine cooperation rather than the divisiveness so common in DC these days.

     We are glad that the last of the troops stationed in Iraq are back home, as we are that Bin Laden has been neutralized. Our veterans have helped to make our Union stronger, and prouder.

     The presidents recall of history, both national and person shows us what we as Americans can do both individually and collectively. He also gave a few examples of the bipartisan efforts that have been made to bring about the current economic boom. His tough talk on China falls a little flat, as they hold the mortgage to our future at the moment.

     The Presidents commitment to higher education at the community college level, while admirable, seems empty. Where is the money going to came to pay for this? He doesn't say! Making high school mandatory until graduation or age 18 sounds good, but is it enforceable.

     The immigration problem, especially illegal immigration was amusing. Obama crows about how his administration has reduced illegal immigration, yet one has to wonder if the Arizona law has had more to do with this reduction. The very same law that Obama has been fighting since it's inception

     The Milk party is second to very few in their admiration of American innovation. But we feel that we need to remind the President that those innovations took place because of private sector investment, not the government. The government has been doing everything in it's power to stifle innovation.

     Clean energy sounds good. Let's plant more corn to keep our energy clean and green. Wind turbines? Let's built them! Solar energy? Shine baby shine!

     Obama speaks of the building of the Hoover Dam, and the interstate highways. He acts as tough money alone built them. That is incorrect. There was a willing workforce who built and rebuilt this country through the WPA. Where is the president going to find people willing to work to do all of this domestic nation building.

     It's nice to hear that Obama is reducing the number of outdated regulations. Hopefully this is not just talk on his part. Naturally we oppose spilled milk as well!

     Obama loves to talk about the taxes that Warren Buffet pays, or rather doesn't pay. He talks about paying a fair share, but doesn't say what that fair share is. We propose a fair tax system known as 20/20 Tax (details available upon request). All the taxes in the world will not pay off our national debt unless we spend less than we take in. We need to eliminate deficit spending and create some surplus if possible.

     Banning insider training in Congress is good. Will it happen? We'll wait and see! Why it was allowed to go on this long is beyond us. Perhaps the biggest surprise in this speech was that no mention of health-care or his failed policies along those lines.

     The Governor of India Mitch Daniels, seems to think that, while the president has not caused the economic troubles, he has done precious little to fix them. Obama sees this Union as a nation of "haves and have-nots" . Daniels sees them as "haves and soon-to haves". You gotta respect that kind of optimism. The Governor wants a simpler tax code (20/20, anyone) He also wants the rich to lose some of their tax breaks (WHAT? I thought he is a Republican). Yes he is, because he believes that people can think for themselves. At times, he stops just short of calling Obama a liar. The best part of the Republican response was that it was short, and the sly reference to America being "A city on a hill"

     The Tea party chose Herman Cain to give their response. We were not able to hear that response, because the link provided was marked "Dangerous" by our antivirus program. One thing that is readily available to us is that Obama has been just as ineffective as President as his predecessor. America gave that president another chance in the election of 2004, mainly because the only candidate the other party could come up with was a man of wealth with absolute zero chrisma. Supporters of Mitt Romney take notice! God be with you and do the best you can!

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