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Wednesday, January 25, 2012
     For several years now, the ACLU, and the godless communists that support them, have tried to get South Dakota to change, or get rid of it's Motto, "Under God the People Rule". They have been unable to do that. But it looks as though some malevolent force may be able to do the next worst thing.
     Yesterday, 80 of South Dakota's legislators have introduced a bill to get rid of the beautiful flag that has been our standard for years and replace it with a new design. The flag that proudly declares, "Under God, the People Rule". Those of you who are regular Readers will remember a previous article on this topic. If not please seek out that article to read so I don't have to repeat myself.
     When I heard about this latest outrage, my first inclination was to fight this change to my last breath. I could fight it, but I fear I would lose. With 80 of South Dakota's 105 legislators behind this, it is bound to go through. Sad fact is, unless there is intervention from a higher power, it will only be a matter of time before South Dakota has this new flag rammed down our throats the way my dad rammed watermelon down my throat yelling "You'll take this and like it". I say to those who would change our flag, just as I told my dad, "I'll take it, but I won't like it!"
     The unwillingness of these agents of change to engage in a rational discussion on this matter causes me to doubt their motives. Right away, those who oppose them are branded racists. When asked why the change, they can't give a reasonable answer. "Because I said so" never worked with my parents, and it's not gonna work with them.
     As I was stewing about this last night, I remembered the time I was stewing about the election results for South Dakota Governor in 1998. I had invested a considerable amount of time, effort, and money in that race, only to have my candidate lose.  I turned to the Bible for wisdom and I happened upon the passage where Pontious Pilate was telling Jesus that he (Pilate) had the power of life and death over him (Jesus), to which Jesus replied his (Pilate) authority is limited by his (Jesus) Father. I realized then that even though my candidate was not elected Governor, God will bless the one who was elected. And now, I realize that if this new flag design is made official, God will find a way to bless it was such. Yes, the satanic forces that seek to remove God from our state flag will succeed in that endeavor, but they will not succeed from taking Him away from our state. God has richly blessed South Dakota with many things, both seen and unseen, and He will continue to do so for many years to come. The real sad thing about this mess is that the same people who can strong-arm 80 legislators into changing the state flag can't convince them to invest in education and job training. As one of the peaople who rule under God here, I'll be praying for all 105 to do just that and more, and I hope I'm not alone in this!

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