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Wednesday, December 21, 2011
     I'm not sure how long it's been going on, but for the past 5 years or so, I've noticed a definite split in this country toward people who say "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays". It seems that some well meaning people have crafted the saying of Happy Holidays in order to wish people well without the risk of offending people who don't celebrate Christmas. Trouble is these same people have started to offend the people who do celebrate Christmas.

     Certain people get offended easily, there is no way to avoid it. The rift between these two camps keeps getting wider. There is noting I can do to stop people from getting offended. I can only stop myself from joining them. I have it easy, because I don't have any close friends who celebrate Hanukkah. I observe it myself, but I don't celebrate it like I do Christmas. Nor do I celebrate the Saturnalia debauch, or this new thing called Kwanzaa. If someone were to wish me a "Happy Hanukkah", "Happy Saturnalia", or even "Happy Kwanzaa" I could take it in the spirit with which it is given. It is too bad that those who don't keep Christmas can't do the same.

     Irving Berlin, a man of Jewish faith wrote "White Christmas". Does that take away from either faith, by no means. I say it makes both faiths all the richer. People who find or take offense at anything, not just Christmas, but anything, are paling into Satan's hand. So go ahead and wish me "Happy Holidays". Just remember that the Magi were not even Jewish, and they travelled two years to see the boy who was King of the Jews. As for me I'll just say a Clement C. Moore said 189 Christmases ago, "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night"! If that offends anyone, I'll apologise, but NOT until I've actually offended someone.                           

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