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Tuesday, November 01, 2011
     I don't understand this Occupy movement! They seem to be protesting anything they want with no real sense of organization whatsoever. The movement seems to be gathering in  groups of around 500 and demanding various things, such as an end to the Federal Reserve and something called the Fractional Banking System, whatever that is.
     Despite the fact that the so called liberal press is labeling this band of misfits as heroes of some sort, some of them want Ron Paul for President next year. Not sure what that's about. It doesn't make me want to pack up and join them.
     To be fair most of what I know about this is what I read on the web and see on YouTube. One rant in particular that made no sense and went on longer than a pointless SNL sketch had a young lady telling the rest of the group through the courtesy of a bullhorn that she had a job, but she was still in debt. Right away I was thinking that if she had a job, she should go to it and get to work like the rest of us do and get the debt paid down.
     It doesn't help that Micheal Moore and Ben and Jerry of Ice Cream fame are supporting this! Not that I have anything against those 3, but they are part of the problem. Interestingly enough Ben and Mr. Jerry sold their business for a whopping $400 million to a soap company whose name I'll not mention. Kinda hard for me to believe they are anti corporate! Mr. Moore, on the other hand is reportedly worth a paltry $50, and doesn't even have the sense to admit it when called on his BS.
     I hope that the Occupiers either get whatever they want or give up before winter sets in, because that would be a mess!

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