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Monday, October 10, 2011
     People seem to find offense at nearly anything these days. People kissing in public, or wearing the wrong message on a t-shirt, and even some things said on TV or the radio have all been in the news recently. So has the negative reactions to those respective actions.
     Is it just me or are people becoming more and more intolerant? Nobody seems to want to live and let live, unless it suits their purpose. There was a certain amount of anger directed toward Hank Williams Jr. for his indirect comparison of President Obama to Hitler, but when similar statements were directed at W during his presidency, nobody even blinked, especially those paragons of truth and justice in the media. The shoes sure switched feet in a hurry. Not that I'm saying Hank was right. Clearly both times this was uncalled for, but only one instance gets the attention.
     I heard "Prairie Home Companion" Yesterday. During the "News" segment host Garrison Keillor mentioned that the minister of the Lutheran church was struggling over whether or not to do a sermon about a passage of scripture in Matthew's gospel about a parable where a man slits the throats of some people. Don't bother looking for this passage, as it doesn't exist. When I heard this part of the monologue I was shocked. Obviously Keillor was playing it for laughs, but it didn't seem funny to me. This is not to equate what he did with Hank Jr. After all, Keillor was on NPR, which won't fire him for distorting gospel. In fact they'll probably give him a raise! Fact is as upset as I got, I realized that his core audience is made up of the same staunch conservative Lutheran folks that he lampoons on the show, and they can take a joke. As soon as the Lutheran half of my upbringing reconciled that with my Methodist half it was OK. THIS TIME!
     Actually this will not stop me from listening to and enjoying PHC. I just hope that nobody who heard that story thinks ill of Matthew's gospel. Perhaps there were some people just curious enough to look up that passage and started reading what was really there. I hope so, as it's a well written book!
     And hopefully I didn't offend you the Reader! If you read up to this point let me remind you that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I got my hair cut for charitable purposes today in honor of 3 of my aunts, who survived breast cancer. I would have had my hair dyed as well, but they never asked, and I never told! I hope and pray for a cure soon, as I'm sure we all do!

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