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Sunday, September 11, 2011
It's hard to believe that 10 years ago, I woke up to see that an airplane had crashed into one of the World Trade Towers, a few minutes later a second plane crashed into the other one while I was looking down at my bowl of Cheerios! That Tuesday Morning started out as any other day, but it ended one era, and began another.
Every year since then, a sort of involuntary recall of those events take place, even without the media prompting those same memories. I remember the NYC Red Cross putting out a call for blood donations and in just a few hours time they were turning donors away. I also remember reports of people on those ill fated planes calling loved ones to say their final "I love you" I remember this sense of dread as the Pentagon was crashed into. I started wondering what was next. Was this some sort of invasion? How many planes were there? Was one headed for Mt. Rushmore? What else could happen?
It was a completely different world back then. That event was one of the things that prompted the creation of the whole Holabird Advocate/Jerry Hinkle Program. The war on terrorism had started, so I made fun of it by declaring war on ignorance with this website. I gotta tell you that both wars are far from over. Saddam is dead, the war is still going on. Osama is dead, the war is still going on. we even have a different President in the White House of the opposition party, and the war is still going on. I gave up my fight against ignorance, both my own, and that of others. It may be time for us, you the Reader, and I the Publisher, to take up the fight again. Both on this website and off.
I didn't want to publish anything about this day, I anyone does read this I hope I made the right choice. I'm sick of the media coverage of this day, it's the same old stuff all the time every year.
This year, it's getting real old quick, yet here I am joining in the rehash. I guess it's just because I'm not sure how to feel. I'm glad we aren't turning this into a holiday just yet. If it becomes one, I hope it's a working holiday. Not a day to stay home and watch TV all day like we did 10 years ago. And I hope people stop calling it Patriots Day! I'm sure if this day needs a name, we can come up with something less lame than that!
Some good things came out of that horrible time. People turned to God and each other for healing. They started respecting this country and it's flag just a little more than before. As British Prime Minister at the time, Tony Blair, declared, "We are all Americans today!" The Brits even played "The Star Spangled Banner" during their changing of the guard. When Broadway came back they closed each performance with "God Bless America", and the ACLU let it happen! It was an interesting time to be sure!
And that should do it for this year! I hope I didn't go to far with this post. By the same respect, I hope I went far enough as well! Let me know what you think, one way or the other, please!

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