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Tuesday, September 27, 2011
     I went to he Luxury last night, armed with a free movie pass. The flick I saw was "Dolphin Tale". The story about a boy and his dolphin. This was nothing like the "Flipper" that I grew up with. The movie was in 3D, which meant that I had to don Buddy Holly glasses to see the thing clearly. Here is my perception!
     This was my second 3D experience, so I was expecting the same cheesy special effects that usually come into play. They were there, alright, but there was a 2 dimensional quality in some of the acting mostly by actors I've never seen before. For instance, the boy in this movie who was sent to Summer School because he had all D's and F's on his report card. If you followed the movie close, you noticed that the teacher spent two separate class periods trying to teach this kid the basics of prepositional phrases. I was glad the mother, played by Ashley Judd, when the director felt like it, arranged to have him home-schooled along with the daughter of the Vet at the animal hospital where the whale is convalescing . There are several plot points that need to be followed in order to make sense of this movie. If pay attention, it'll be OK.
     Morgan Freeman was very low key in his role as a designer of a prosthetic tail for the Dolphin named Winter who lost her own tail in a crab trap. Harry Connick Jr as the vet at the animal hospital lent support as well. It was nice to see Frances Sternhagen as administrator. She is still remembered fondly by me in the role of Ma Clavin on "Cheers". Kris Kristofferson had some good scenes as Connick's father, churning up a well of emotion designed to tug at the old heartstrings.
     The real kicker for me was finding out that this seemingly impossible plot-line was in actuallity a true story and that Winter the Dolphin has her own website, give it a look if you are so inclined!

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