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Tuesday, June 07, 2011
The other day at work, I heard a couple of people discussing a band called Skillet. Right away I judged their music as lame. Later on I googled the band, and I must say they has a sound that was not too bad.

So why the rush to judgement? The name! Skillet sounds like something you'd put on the stove and cook breakfast in. Look at all the other lame bands out there. They all have lame names like Korn and Limp Bizkit, which sounds like something I'd throw in a skillet to make breakfast. I liked the band Moldy Peaches until I heard the name. There is definitely a lack of imagination when it comes to naming the musical entertainment of the next generation.

I really like this local cover band in Mitchell called the Manhattan Bulge. The name, while bordering on the ege of good taste, is not lame! It's a better name than Bowling for Soup, and they even do a better job on "The Bitch Song"!

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