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Saturday, April 09, 2011
I was watching video of the "Good Morning America" show. Diane Sawyer was reporting that Patrick Kennedy was retiring from the house, which means that for the first time since 1946, there will not be a Kennedy in United States Congress. She seemed to almost be in mourning as she said that.
The Kennedy mystique is nothing new. I'm not exactly sure why it is still part of American culture. At any rate the current family dynamic can never quite compare to JFK, Jackie, and the kids, back in the Camelot days. JFK was rich, young, and as I understand it handsome and charming. The perfect example of Babylonian culture.

Closer to home For the fist time since 1926, a Hinkle will no longer be on the Valley Township board. My Great grandfather was the Justice of the Peace. I still have his seal in my Bedroom back home. Grandad was on the board as a Supervisor. My Dad was a Supervisor as well as Chairman, and then as Clerk-Treasurer. Now he is leaving that last position.

I'm sure that the Congress will get along without a Kennedy presence. They did before! And I'm sure that Valley Township will get along without any Hinkles on the board as long as they wish it to be so. I'm sure the Ponderosa will still serve as the Township hall, since there is nobody in the whole township that can bake or frost a cake as good as my mother. Of course we all get replaced at one time or another. Life goes on. That goes for Kennedys as well as Hinkles. Both families served their voters well. It's time for other families to have a go at it! Both families can make a comeback if they have to!

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