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Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Sometimes when I see the way this world is going I have to wonder how much longer this can go on. Then the other day I saw a notice at church that some students from DWU were going to be making a presentation to the Outreach Committee. That presentation took place last night, and I watched. I was very much impressed! More than that, I was inspired!
The University is starting a local chapter for Universities Fighting World Hunger. It will be interesting to see what becomes of that. The President of the Universities SIFE chapter is also starting a project that is simple, but has a massive potential for growth! It seems to be like the Heifer International Project, except it's to do with rabbits.

This "Rabbit Project" loans 3-4 rabbits, a hutch, and a supply of rabbit food to a Kenyan woman who lives alone, except for children. She, and I would suppose the children, raise the rabbits for food and profit, and then once she is able, sponsors another such Kenyan woman to do the same. And there is where the growth comes in. How wonderful for DWU to be involved with something like that. Interesting that this was brought up during Easter Week!

It's nice to see young people interested in making a positive difference in the world instead of raking in a pile of money or digging the next groovy music star. I hope and pray those young folks keep using their energy to built the world up and do the noble work of Jesus. The sooner they make the world a better place, the sooner I can stop using this website to complain about stuff, and use it to highlight more of the good things going on in the world.

To close, I want to thank all six of the readers that voted in the last poll. I hope that there are more readers than that out there, and that the reason they didn't vote was because the whole issue is rather silly. Still, those that voted unanimously saluted our current state flag. Is the current design perfect, maybe not, but it's just fine until there is a true need for such a change. It would be difficult to conceive a design that could suffieciently contain the essence of our great state better than the current design. That doesn't mean it can't be done,it just means that I haven't seen it yet!

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