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Friday, April 08, 2011
Yesterday I went to the Stark lecture at Wesleyan. It was a different kind of lecture. Al Staggs is a speaker that combines his two passions, justice and theatre into a one man show. Those present beheld a myriad of characters, from the founder of Habitat for Humanity, to Dr. Martin Luther King, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and even a brief appearance from Redd Foxx. Part one of Staggs lecture took the audience on a journey through the mind of Dr. King as he interprets what the late Nobel prize winner might say if his spirit could speak to us. The second part takes us to Bonhoeffer's prison cell in Germany where he talks to "the future" on the church's role in the events of his day. I did not always agree with what he said, nor in how he said it, but it was presented in a very unique way.

Before the second part of the lecture, I was asked by a student what my thoughts on the Electoral College were. I shared those same thoughts, as well as why I thought that way, as well as shared some examples of the other point of view. As an extinguished-I mean distinguished- Alumni, it's my duty, I feel to show support for Old Wesleyan at any time I can in any way I can. I am glad that so many students and members of the Mitchell community did that at the Stark lecture. And I'm also glad that students still feel they can come to me for guidance or even just a little inspiration. I hope they don't ask it of me too often, but I will do anything that I possibly can for DWU.

I wish that I had the ability to put on a one man show like Mr. Staggs. If I could write one, It would most likely be something about my Grandad's life. The triumph, tragedy, and all of the life's journey that only a centenarian could tell. He always said that I knew his life better than he did. Of course I could write it, but we'd never find an actor that could play Grandad like the original. It would be like having Donna Reed play Ms. Ellie on Dallas. Perhaps, when my own life becomes interestingly enough, I could play myself in a one man show. Of course, who has time to wait for that. At any rate, I doubt anyone would be interested when they can read it for free here anyhow.

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