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Friday, April 01, 2011
Those of you who have read my reviews before may want to skip to the next paragraph, unless you need a review. For those still with us, let me just say that DWU Theatre is extraordinary. If I forgot that, I was reminded of that at opening night of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat" yesterday evening. I forgot to "expect the unexpected" as the saying goes. I'm not saying that I expected the show to be bad. I was prepared for good, or even near great, but this was a truly awesome performance. Donny Osmond was not in this show, but he wasn't missed! Neither was Joan Collins as Potiphar's wife!

From the Overture to the final bows, "Joseph" was a Broadway caliber performance. Most of the entire show was sung, except for a brief interlude with Dr. Patrick as Robert P. Snodgrass, and other assorted moments, which was spoken. The music was overpowering at times, but the singers did superb work, especially those who did solo work. The level of excitement and enthusiasm was catchy, and consistent! The choreography was fantastic!

The casting of Jason Zehr as Pharaoh Elvis was inspired. People who have never done so for an extended period of time have no conception of how difficult it is to Impersonate "the King". Had Elvis himself been alive to perform this show, I'm sure he'd have done it just that way! Alex Smith in the role of Joseph worked wonderfully. He WAS Joseph! Every note he sang had the same raw emotional quality from his tragic moments to his eventual triumph!

The cast of dozens was still not enough to fill all of the roles in this production. Some actors were allowed dual roles, which gave those actors a chance to showcase a versatility that has been unknown to me before. It worked brilliantly!

The house was packed last night! Like me, the audience wanted to see how musical theatre is done! We were shown! If possible, anyone who reads this needs to be shown as well. The $10 ticket price is well worth it. After all, how often does a slice of Broadway come to Mitchell!

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