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Tuesday, March 08, 2011
Happy Mardi Gras everyone! Let those people in New Orleans raise their shirts for beads, but it's too cold to do that here in beautiful downtown Mitchell! After a week like the one I've had, I'm ready for some pancakes and sausage!
The Methodist church here is having a pancake feed tonight from 4-7 pm. For $6 you can eat your fill of pancakes and sausages!
I need to find something to give up for Lent! Any ideas?
As you recall, a week ago last Saturday, My Grandma Agnes died. At the time I was at the local Cracker Barrel Session and turned my cell phone off. My family tried to get hold of me all day long and as a last resort called me at work. I was not to happy about that, but I'm sure it wasn't exactly a picnic for my mother to call and tell me that her own mother had passed away.
I went back home last Monday, the family services were a week ago last week, and the funeral was a week ago tomorrow.
It hasn't been easy for anyone, but as hard as it's been for my family, I personally can't complain. I was very blessed to have Grandma in my life for as long as I did, more than 40 years! Not everyone on earth was as blessed as I to have a grandmother or any other relative that wonderful or for that long. Still I was glad to to have a speaking part, since my voice started faltering while we were singing "In the Garden". Grandma wanted, as she often did, for those who sang in church to do so with "gusto". It was hard to do that, but many rose to the occasion, even though I was not able to do the same!
My cousin Susan, was the soloist for "eye on the sparrow" She tried to find a recording with gusto to show her how it was done, but didn't find one. She winged it, and I must say she did beautifully. It's a shame that more singers don't give it the same treatment. When someone belts out "I sing because I'm happy", they should sound like they are indeed happy. I suppose that now Grandma is happy, because she is free.
That's why I'm ready for pancakes! It's time to start living, and to accept the gift that God gave us in this day. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness are ours! So on this Mardi Gras, I'm going to live with as much gusto as I can. I could dwell on my loss, but Grandma would not approve! Where she is now, misery is not allowed, so why should I be miserable? Because I know Jesus cares!

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