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Wednesday, March 09, 2011
The Come Hahn Inn was a term coined by my Aunt Jo in reference to Grandma's house. Grandma was prone to take in strangers who became family the minute they walked in the door. There is a fellow called "Basement Ken" in there now, but here have been many others who rented Grandma's basement for a spell who became like family, at least for her.
One man that sticks out in particular was this traveling salesman from Bemidji, Minnesota. It was harvest time and both of Highmore's motels were full. He was sent to Grandma's house. He also asked where the best place to get a steak was. He was told where, but he was also told he wouldn't need it, and he didn't use it as it turns out. He happened to be there just as Aunt Jo, Uncle Ken and Cousin Anne were visiting after their big adventure in Tanzania. Grandma had all the home folks over for fatted calf, or whatever was close enough to it at the time, and he joined us. He watched the home movies along with the rest, and seemed to enjoy it. One things is for sure, he went back to Bemidji with one heck of a story to tell! That kind of legacy is hard to live up to.
So yes, this episode is brought to you by the Come Hahn Inn, where love is always on the menu and the leftovers are just as good the next day! Grandma may be gone, but it is my hope that the Come Hahn Inn doesn't close down! I hope it just changes management like when Sam Walton died and left Walmart to his kids. I hope that even if the someone outside the family buys that house, they will carry on her spirit. And as far as that goes, may there be other locations added, such as Holabird, Yankton, Forrest City, Fridley, Aberdeen, Faulkton, and other places outside Highmore where if someone needs a place to stay, they will find that kind of hospitality. Yes it will be hard to live up to the standards set by Grandma, but as E.E. Hinkle used to say, "Do the best you can"

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