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Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Some time ago, Rosie O'Donnell put her 2 cents worth in concerning some comments made by Billy Ray Cyrus concerning his daughter (Lucy, what's the daughter's name again?) Oh yes, Miley. It seems he's concerned that she's gonna go down the wrong road, or so he said in GQ magazine. The backlash has been all over the Internet. Young Miley is rather upset that her father made his disappointment publicly available. A lot of folks are taking her side too!
One shocking example, at least to me, is Rosie O'Donnell. It seems like every time there's a slow news day, someone puts a TV camera in her face, lets her talk, and things get cooking again. Her whole "kids will be kids" attitude is amusing. We'll see what happens when her kids grow up. (Lucy, get me the ages of her kids, please). Her oldest son, Parker, being 15, might cause her to eat those words.
Where did Billy Ray go wrong? I don't know. But before his daughter turned the magical age of 18, she did some pretty questionable stuff. The whole topless magazine cover, that he was supervising himself, letting her do that pole dance, which Lucy tells me was not her best moment. There was also a time that she took pictures of herself in various stages of undress and they somehow got all over the Internet. If she does this in her teen years, it is reasonable to think she'll do other things even more disturbing than these.
Truth is parenting is a hard job. I've seen people do it, and believe me it's not pretty. I was once a child myself, and I can tell you, my parents weren't perfect. Still, I never spent smoked saliva, got drunk enough to wreck a car, or robbed a convenience store. Any defects in my character were probably put there by myself! Most of the times I got into trouble was because I wasn't living according to the way I was raised. It happens! Everybody makes mistakes, but learning from that experience brings wisdom for both parent and child!

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