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Wednesday, January 26, 2011
After the shooting in Tucson earlier this month, the divisiveness in this country came to a boiling point. The left wing of this country blamed Sarah Palin, and put her, and the TEA Party on the defensive. Political differences are not new to this country, but that was an extreme case, and one that so far has not been repeated.
The State of the Union Address last night was a very enlightening occasion for me. On because of what was going on in Washington, but because of what was going on in Mitchell. I was watching the speech at Java City in The McGovern Library on the DWU campus. The University had "Free Movie Night" downtown, but a small group of young men gave up their chance for a free movie to see democracy in action. There were young men from both the Democratic and Republican parties, and they didn't all agree with what was being said. There were also residents of the Mitchell area in attendance as well, including a wounded veteran who candidly admitted that he "left half of my brain in Iraq". the discussion was lively, but always respectful. Nobody had to leave in an ambulance or a hearse. That's the way it is in South Dakota on Monday we debate, on Tuesday we vote, then on Wednesday we're all friends again. I blame it on the weather! It forces people to be more tolerant. In Arizona the nice weather doesn't really offer any resistance to adversity.
As for me, both President Obama and Representative Ryan made some good points last night. We could readily see where the agreed and where they disagreed. As for Representative Bachman ,the one thing those young men from Wesleyan could all agree on was that she looked rather silly. The networks did her and possibly the whole TEA Party movement, a favor by not letting her speak on their airwaves, and CNN should be commended for living up to the promise of the 1st amendment!
As I said before, political differences are not new, but it's what makes this unique country so great. You and I don't have to agree, and there no reason why we should. But we don't need to let those differences rob us of the blessing that is America.

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