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Thursday, December 23, 2010
Not to long ago I was listening to a radio report of a survey of men that asked what the sexiest feature of a woman is. The number one answer was "Confidence" I'm not sure where this survey was taken, but I'm sure it wasn't at the drinking establishment that I frequent, because I've never heard one of the other guys there tell his buddies, "Check out the confidence on that one"!
Still I must admit that there are times in my own life when a woman's confidence can and sometimes does get my attention. Confidence has even helped me overlook the lack of physical beauty on more than one occasion.. Of course it's not an exact science After all a lady with too much confidence might think that she's too good for me, and chances are she's be right on the money there!
Earlier this year, a friend of mine suggested that I find a girlfriend, but I was resistant. After all finding someone is not a problem as there are fine ladies all over the big city. These are the same ladies that are resistant to my considerable charm. This friend suggested that I look using a computer matching site, which I'll not name for reasons that will soon become obvious. It was free, so I did just that. Of course I used an assumed name, since my own is rather famous in certain circles. I must say it is almost laughable to see some of the moderately unattractive to downright ugly women who put themselves out online in hopes of finding a fellow. Not even all the confidence in the word will help some of these cases. I say this knowing I'm not exactly a ding dong daddy from Dumas here. And yet I have to admire that kind of faith. I'm just glad my account was free! I'd hate to pay $20/month to get that kind of humiliation.
In spite of all that I've said here, I truly do believe that confidence is sexy, but only if used the right way. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and I hope I haven't crossed it mysellf today. If I have, let me know by Gmail!

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