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Monday, November 15, 2010
George Jones played the Corn Palace last night! It was awesome! The Old Possum, as he's been called may have looked older than his 79 years, and his performance may not have been the best he's ever done, but when it comes right down to it, his worst is still better than a lot of what passes for modern music.
I have heard Jones better: on radio, on TV, even on YouTube. But there was something about hearing him live that really got my attention. He has had the name and reputation of "No show Jones" long enough that it was an exercise in faith just to buy the ticket. In this case, my faith was rewarded, big time.
Jones was having trouble with is voice. Too be honest, I thought this problem was of a 90 proof variety, but he stuck to it, took water (at least I hope it was water) when possible. He also had his girl singer and fiddle player featured to give his voice a rest. I forgot their names, but not their talent! They were superb!
The concert was around 90 minutes long, and he closed the show with a very robust "I Don't Need Your Rocking Chair". I've been in situations where I was committed to sing and had a sore throat. It is painful! When I did, it was for 5 minutes or so. Jones kept it up for most of the entire show. His performance reminded me of the athlete who plays hurt. He was in fact a vocal athlete! He's a true living legend, and those of us who saw should be thankful for the chance!
As I said before his worst is better than a lot of the modern music. I understand that Bruce Jenner's stepdaughter is making an album. I would rather listen to that George Jones concert again than that album when it comes out! If Jones can do that, the rest of us have no excuse for quitting just because things are a little hard.

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