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Monday, November 08, 2010
Yesterday was the 79th Anniversary of my grandparents wedding. I was unable to get online then, but I wanted to give a little testimony as to why this day is important, not to everyone in the world, but certainly to those who were touched by their union.
I have often wondered what made those two get married given the sorry shape that their little corner of the world was in at the time. There was an economic depression, and dust storms so severe that they hung wet curtains at the windows to catch it. They had a plague of locusts, which we call grasshoppers. That was a blessing though, because it was cheaper than chicken feed. Still, that doesn't sound like the best time to get married and start a family.
The decision was not made lightly Grandad would have never gone through with it on his own. He claimed, in fact that Grandma proposed to him. He was taking her home from a barn dance, and told her that he wasn't sure that he could take her to another one because he was not sure he could leave her. At that point, he claims that she grabbed him, pulled him close and said, "Maybe I don't want you to."
Grandma told me a different story. She claimed that she felt sorry for Grandad because he thought rather highly of himself in those days, to the point of being a pain in the butt. She didn't want to be an old maid, she was almost 19 at the time,and she had her choice between him and some other man. She chose Grandad because he needed her more. Never did she say she didn't love him though. She had to love him, because Grandad wasn't always the the kind loving husband who read "The Upper Room" and helped with the dishes after breakfast. That took some time for him to learn that, but it happened.
Love is important in the success of any marriage, but it takes more than that. It takes faith, hope, and the knowledge that neither the bride nor the groom would be any good without the other one. Divorce was never mentioned, never even thought about. Their love story may not be unique, it may not even be exciting enough to write a book about or make a movie. But to their family, friends, and neighbors they showed a real good example of what marriage should look like. Were they perfect? Not at all! But they did the best they could, because God was with them. Those who get married in these times could learn a lot from Bergit and E.E. Hinkle. I know I sure did!

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