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Thursday, November 04, 2010
I've been rather inactive in the past few months. In fact, I haven't posted since September 1. Fact is, since that Mal ware virus hit my computer, I've been living on the charity of the good people at the Public Library in Mitchell. I've been silent, but it's time to speak up.
The election is over! Thank you Jesus! The Noem vs. Herseth cat fight was getting old. One detail that a lot of people may have missed was that before launching into his acceptance speech, Governor-elect Daugaard asked the choir to whom he was preaching to give Scott Heidepriem a round of applause. Not many election victors do that. In fact, I'll be he's the only one in the country that did, at least in front of TV cameras.
This was my first experience voting in the big city. I lived one block away from one polling place, but had to vote in the other, which was clear over in West Mitchell. Voting was fun, once I was allowed to. Big props to the County Auditor's office for helping me prove that I was indeed a registered voter. There were other things they could be doing.
This election was almost a biblical experience. In some cases, certainly not all of them, the high and mighty were brought down and the humble were lifted up. The TEA Party helped get rid of some of the dead wood on both the right and left side of the Congressional tree. Some of the arrogant people in power looked at the TEA Party as irrational, discontented and irrelevant. They wanted to be listened to and those in power wouldn't listen. That may be changing! I am worried about Kristi Noem. Everytime South Dakota sends a Farmer to Washington, they become politicians! Will that happen in this case? As Granny used to say, "Time will tell if the neighbors don't".

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