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Friday, August 27, 2010
As you know, Labor Day is fast approaching. In an election year, I usually have it figured out who I'm voting for. This year, however has found me going back and forth in a couple different contests. The race for Governor, and the House race.
I missed Dakotafest this year, because I was in Wyoming visiting relatives. As such, I didn't see the debates. The Corn Palace Festival will have a series of debates tomorrow, but the debate at high noon between Stephanie Herseth Sandlin and Kristi Noem will be the one to watch. If it does not help me make my decision, it could persuade me to lean one way or the other. The Governor candidates were scheduled to square off as well, but one of the candidates has declined because he will be attending the funeral of a friend. There is always the State Fair I guess!
In other news, I don't need an American Express Card for people to recognize me. Someone at Walmart remembered me from the Haiti Benefit show, another did likewise of my being a spectator of DWU athletics. Needless to say everyone from the University still remembers me. Now when the Festival is in full swing downtown people are constantly approaching me, from former coworkers to the people I only see at church once a week. No doubt about it, I gotta get a disguise if I want to go around publicly. The recognition doesn't bother me so much as the not knowing who half of these folks are. One of the kids of a former professor of mine hit me up for a raffle ticket. The prize is a 2010 blue Ford Mustang. If I do win it, I hope he'll pay the tax. Oh well it is for charity! So far my biggest surprise was my seeing my former lady barber at the wine pavilion. being famous is hard, but it beats being infamous. If only being rich could go along with it!

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