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Tuesday, August 24, 2010
This whole flap about Obama being Muslim has caused me to believe that neither party has the monopoly on stupid these days. Way back when I was "riding the Obama train" as I called it, I had plenty of Republican friends pointing out his middle name to me as proof that he's a Muslim. I read in Snopes that he joined the Church of Christ at age 16, and that was good enough for me.
When when things started flaring up again, I started wondering what, if any difference it makes if he is Muslim or not. Just 50 years ago people were worried that if JFK was President, he'd be taking orders from the Pope. When he was, he didn't. Interestingly enough, we've not had another President of the Catholic faith since JFK was given early retirement in Dallas. When Kerry ran in 2004, his faith was not called into question, which is good. Obama should be extended the same courtesy.
The problem doesn't seem to be his faith, rather his unwillingness to talk about it. Yet he has the right not to share his faith. Let's remember he is the President of all Americans, whether Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, and every other faith that's held throughout this wonderful country. As such, he has to be as fair as he can to all of them, a tough job indeed.
It's been said that Obama has not shown any evidence of being Christian. That is entirely possible. That can also be said about many of us, myself included. We demand proof of the unseen, to know the unknowable. Yet, there are things we must take on faith. Instead of condemning Obama and his faith, we should pray for him. It's what a good Christian would do!

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