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Thursday, August 26, 2010
My morning bible lesson in "The Upper Room" yesterday talked about how interruptions can be used by God as a call to prayer. To drive the point home, while I was reading that lesson, a fire engine drove by Code 3. I felt compelled to pray, not only for Mitchell's bravest, but for those who were calling on their assistance as well. I had no idea where the fire was, and was certain that those affected were people I did not know. That didn't matter to me, nor should it. Even now, I have no idea where the truck went nor do I know what good it did. As always I took it on faith that all turned out OK.
Later on during the Corn Palace Festival, the parking lot by my building was full so I had to park a couple blocks away. Last night, just as a spot opened up I was on my way to get the car when I met a couple of tourists from 60 miles away who were looking for their car. They had lost their way. Even though I had better things to do, or so I thought at the time, I decided to help these folks out. The first order of business was to convince them that I knew my directions. They insisted that north was west. I explained to them that even though I'd only lived there for 3 years, I knew that was north. I walked with them back to the corn palace and then helped them get to the right parking lot. They asked how much they owed me, and all I asked them was to drive home safely. After all, doing the right think was, is and always should be reward enough.
I was delayed in getting back to my car, but knew that as the night grew darker more parking spaces would open up, so nothing was lost. In fact everything was gained. Two lost souls were found, and despite myself, I ended up doing something useful.
Sometimes we are like those lost folks. We think we know the way, but we are lost, and when God shows us the right way, we resist. But by faith we see that we have to trust him. Getting lost in this big world is easy. I didn't know where the parking lot was, but I knew that once I got those two on the right path they'd be alright.
The world we know and the world we don't know can sometimes have a blurry boundary line. We knew were we are, then all of the sudden we don't. But God places candles in the darkness to light the way. What I thought was an interruption turned out to be a chance for God to do what he does best, bless his children. His ways are indeed mysterious, but that's what makes it all the more marvelous.

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