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Monday, July 12, 2010
One of the most asked questions in the world is, "Why do bad things happen to good people?" We all struggle to come up with the answer, or even just an answer to satisfy us for just a while. The things is that we have a different answer for each case. The biblical Job was tested far beyond what most of us would think is the breaking point. He made it through his time of trial, and he became a stronger person for it. I've had friends that went through some bad times, and I've had some pretty hairy moments myself. None of us are alone. Jesus is there to carry us through the darkness and into the light.
When I came to Mitchell, I was all alone. There was no support system here for me at all. By that, I mean a visible means of support. The Holy Spirit of Jesus was there to hold me up. When I needed it, I heard my Grandad's voice guiding me. Some may think I was crazy to believe that it really was him, but in reality that is what kept me sane. I made a few mistakes along the way, but I got through it by not giving up and not letting myself get defeated by those people and things that sought to harm me. Those bad experiences are just a memory now, but should more be on the way, I'll deal with them as they come. Giving up is the easy way, but it's not the cowboy way. The people that settled in Dakota were tough because they had to be. They faced fire, flood, drought, famine, and government regulation. They made it through, because they had to. It was literally a life and death decision. They chose life, and 120 years later we still struggle, but we don't give up or we're dead.
My Grandfather, Wilbur Charles Goehring, was quite a guy, or so I'm told. He was smart, strong and determined to make it. In his youth he got reckless with some dynamite and lost a few fingers. He wanted to become a lawyer, but was talked out of it because apparently typing skills were paramount to a college education back then. It wasn't meant to be. But in this case, God replaced his dream with something arguably better. He stayed in Hyde County, was engaged in farming, married my grandmother, and raised a family until he died. His missing fingers stopped him from becoming a lawyer, but he made a pretty good life for his family while he could even with that one handicap. His accidental death just a few years before I was born cheated his family, especially those that never got to know him but we made it through, because we had to.
In "Gone with the Wind" Gerald O'Hara told his daughter, Katy Scarlett, "Land is the only thing that matters because it's the only thing that lasts!" I'd like to think that family is the same way, if not than at least the willingness to endure the hardships on the land. I'm away from both my land and family. But I know where each of them are. They were both here before I was born, and after I die they will both endure. They will be changed, but they will both still here! I don't know if I answered the question or not. I may have asked a few new ones.

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