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Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Well, time, as it does has done snuck up on me. With my birthday on Sunday, I have to get my drivers license renewed. I'd rather take a beating than do that! Apparently the moron politicians have made it that we here in South Dakota have to produce all kinds of paperwork to prove that we are who we claim to be. If that isn't about the stupidest thing you ever did hear about, I don't know what it could be. So I gotta look up all this crap and make my way to Hyde County and see if I can get this crap over with. I just have to wonder when we became a Nazi state where illegal aliens have more civil rights then those of us that were born here. I suppose we could blame it on 911, or some other thing, but I'd still like to hear a rational explanation for why getting a drivers license renewed, which was already complicated enough before, has to be next to impossible now. What kind of idiot thought this up? What the heck was he (or she) thinking when they proposed this line of crap? The real knee slapper here is that this is the same mentality that says the government needs to be in charge of health care. I suppose they'll want a blood and urine sample when I gotta do this again in 5 years. I just know that some goofball from Sioux Falls has to be the one pushing this kind of crap on us. Some Satan worshiping one world government type!
As you can tell, I'm not liking this one little bit. But I'll play along, because I do need to have that license if I'm gonna drive anywhere for the next five years. And as bad as things are here, I can only imagine that they are far worse in other places. I will get through this somehow, and with any luck die before I have to go through it again.
On the lighter side, I just found out that Larry Hagman, ol' JR Ewing himself has endorsed a solar power company. You can see for yourself why he doesn't get out much. Hardcore fans of the show will recall that Bobby Ewing left the oil business to start a solar power venture back around 1981. At any rate, here is a link to what promises to be Hagman's swan song:

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